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About is an online marketplace to bring together car buyers and car dealerships of Ontario.

All car dealerships on are exclusively members of UCDA, Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario, which means no curbsides and private sellers, listing on the site. provides confidant and secure car buying experience to consumers from over 70,000 vehicles and 1,800 UCDA members registered!

Launched in December 2018, is an alternative place to list new and used vehicle for sale online.

Why Use

How is different from other car dealer platform? lists new and used cars for sale online from members of UCDA, Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario, exclusively. Learn more about UCDA.

Advantages for consumers – car buyers

Powered by members of the UCDA, assures consumers that all vehicles listed for sale on the site come with:

  • All In Pricing – meaning the price you see is the price you get.
  • Full Disclosure – vehicles listed on are sold with full disclosure of all the important details about the vehicle’s history.
  • No Liens – by law, registered dealers must guarantee there are no outstanding loans on a vehicle they are selling, including all vehicles listed on
  • No Illegal Sellers – only licensed, registered dealers are permitted to list their vehicles on, which means consumers will never be duped by illegal, unlicensed sellers.
  • Compensation Fund Protection – 100% funded by the industry, the compensation fund will compensate consumers with a valid, proven complaint if the purchase is made through a registered dealer.
  • No Clutter, Just Cars – is focused on vehicle listings without flashy advertisements distracting consumers from the task at hand.
  • Advanced Technology – built with the latest technology, is simple to use from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Regulated Sellers – all sellers are regulated by the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and adhere to the UCDA Code of Ethics. is the only online source that offers all these protections on every vehicle listed on the site.

Find your vehicles with 3 simple clicks


Search for vehicles or car dealerships by multiple criteria: Location, Year, Make, Price, and Body Types.


When you get your listing, you can narrow it down by using additions criteria: Trim, KM, Exterior colour, Transmission, and Drivetrain


Finally, when you choose a car, you might ask a dealer a question by completing a contact form or communicate directly by phone, email, Google maps, and a website.

Advantages for car dealers is the site where your cars take center stage!

At the focus is on your vehicles, without distracting ads from manufacturers on your vehicle page.

Ontariocars is for UCDA members exclusively, which means no curbsiders or private sellers listing in competition with you on the site.

Every dealership on the site has it’s own space – a micro site that contains details about the dealership and it’s car listings:

  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Contact form
  • Map and direction
  • Car listing
  • Unique page for every car with all car details, car description, and images

The more members that list their vehicles on the site, the more consumers will visit and the more leads you’ll get.

Adding Inventory

Ontariocars offers an easy and quick way to upload your inventory. Using the Ontariocars app you can load a vehicle in under 2 minutes. Download the app at app and start uploading your vehicles.

See the video at the bottom of this page for a demonstration on how to add inventory.

Syndication offers syndication with other listing sites including the most popular: Autotrader, Carpages and Car Gurus. You won’t need to change a thing to list on the site.

Syndication to is also possible from many data aggregators and DMS systems. Contact and we’ll set up syndication for you quickly.

Just contact your primary provider, and authorize them to syndicate to

Marketing and Advertising by UCDA has retained professional digital marketers, with vast experience in the vehicle listing market, to bring consumers to your cars like never before.

Our well-funded digital media campaign, on-going since the beginning of the site, will ensure that your cars are featured and rank highly on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Consumers will be targeted based on the inventory they’ve already viewed, as well as proximity advertising.

Website SEO

The website is optimized to compete with the big players for top of the page positioning in search results.

Mobile Technology

Using the app, available on Apple and Android systems, you can easily scan the VIN, snap a few pictures, and your inventory is loaded in as instant.

No Clutter, Just Cars

When a car buyer views your vehicle, there are no distractions, no manufactures’ ads, no ads for unrelated products. Just ads for your cars because is your site!

Dealer Registration

How to register with

    1. Log on to and then click on to get started.
    2. Click on the logo.
    3. Complete the short on-line form that will appear on your screen and hit Submit.
    4. Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email and syndicated vehicles will be on the site as soon as possible. Or, use the app to load your vehicles immediately.

Need help?

For more information, or if you have any questions at all about listing your vehicles, please contact our support team at

Adding inventory - a demonstration

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About Live Chat services

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